Each ninth person on the planet is obese

About 12% of adult people on the Planet, or every ninth inhabitant suffers from obesity nowadays. These are the results of a large-scale research conducted by American and British scientists.

According the reviews of the researchers, the greatest number of obese people lives in the countries with high income. The quickest growth of the BMI (body mass index) over the last 28 years was in the USA, followed by New Zealand and Australia (women) and the UK (men).

However, the most obese people of the Planet live on the Pacific islands. Thus, an average BMI here is about 70% higher than in some South West Asia countries and Africa.

The most overweight women of Europe are from Russia and Moldova, while the fattest men of Europe live in Ireland and Czech Republic.

Speaking of Europe, the smallest percentage of obese women live in Switzerland, the second and third places belong to France and Italy. Other than that, Italy is the only European country, where the BMI of women decreased over the last few years.