Adipex Weight Loss Pills: General Facts

Adipex is one of the most well known brand names for Phentermine active ingredient which has been proven to show high results in fight with obesity. Although the drug is highly effective, its safety arouses many questions. However, all of the possible dangers of this medication are mainly tied to the self adjusted treatment, neglecting doctor’s advice as well as ignoring contraindications and warnings mentioned on the package labeling. For you to understand the principle of appetite suppressant work and to consider cons and pros we’ll describe the mechanism of Phentermine action and point out the most important facts regarding the drug below. Once you know how the pill acts in your body system, you won’t have doubts about its safety.

The Active Ingredient

Phentermine in the form of the Adipex pills has been used since 1950’s to treat obesity in people with overweight related health conditions. Let’s try to explain how Adipex works in simple terms.

Phentermine is a sympathomimetic amine which stimulates your nervous system via increasing your heart rate and blood pressure. These affect a certain type of neurotransmitters responsible for your hunger feel. In other words, it misleads your brain making it believe there is enough nutrients and energy in your body. Actually, it is a stimulant which action is similar to amphetamine. Hence, those who are going to start taking this appetite killer need to stick to doctor’s recommendations unhesitatingly in order to avoid addiction and possible Adipex side effects.

Customers Review

A high percentage of patients who take no prescription Adipex under their therapist’s supervision report incredible efficiency of the drug. Being a prescription medicine, it must be taken in accordance with individual body reactions and other aspects (these are estimated by your doctor before appointing a proper dosage). Moreover, those who dream to lose some weight should not rely on the medication solely: it will do its best only in combination with change of lifestyle (switching to healthy food, regular physical exercises etc.). Constant support from family and friends, positive thinking and good mood will also contribute to BMI (body mass index) balancing.

On the other hand, those who start self treating and do not stick to warnings and precautions regarding this drug (buy Adipex from sites that often sell fake drugs) risk to develop severe health conditions and to become addicted to the medicine.